Sight, Sound, Suburbia

The suburban neighborhood that is presented in my project was built in the late 1950’s and has several abandoned spaces throughout the approximate four square mile area. My childhood home is within this neighborhood and I have resided there the majority of my adult life. In 2017, I began to observe and document my neighborhood in the US State of Delaware that has not rebounded from the 2008 American housing crisis and recession.

Transitions have been a component in the production of my art and anthropology based projects. The continual cycle of how the houses in the neighborhood have changed from real estate sales to foreclosures or even abandonment is why I began to document the current state of this suburban environment. My fieldwork and related observations do not depict the perfect stereotypical sights associated with the American suburbs. The neighborhood has been impacted by the broader implications of the national economy, continual suburban sprawl and changes in the local labor culture. These broader and local transitions compose the films multilayered suburban narrative, presented with still and moving digital imagery, text from local and national news headlines, my first-person narrative field notes, and sampling of audio recordings from my suburban sound collection.

Media Previews


Multimedia Anthropology Now

University College London,

Multimedia Anthropology Lab (London, England)

Sight, Sound, Suburbia Fieldwork

February 22,2019 Online Exhibit Launched


Digital America

Issue no. 11 Digital America, University of Richmond

10 yrs. Later included in Online Exhibition

Richmond Sound Arts Festival

Spring/ Summer 2018 (Richmond, VA)


Impact 10

International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference

Sight, Sound, Suburbia short video is included in the other disciplines exhibition

Santander, Spain August 27 - September 9, 2018