Recently Seen in Area Collection June - July 2014    


         Since 2012 in the outskirts of the City of Newark (USA State of Delaware) print media flyers concerning a missing dog have been posted in the public realm. From June thru July 2014 the Recently Seen in Area Collection was formed. The collection consists of plotted points of the locations of the print media flyer. The Internet-based collection is presented on Google Maps. This map includes selected video of the locations and the four different styles of print media flyers. The Recently Seen in Area Collection is intended to exhibit a specific time and location of the existing state of these ephemeral objects.

Clip on the map to view the collection.

Please consider viewing the plotted locations from the collection on the Google Street View web page for another perspective of the specific location.

Read the August 2014 blog posts for more about the collecting process and use of digital media.