Restaging of the Coupon Collection at Newark Free Library (Newark, Delaware USA) June - August 2012

Summary of Coupon Collection Statement


            The coupon within the Coupon Collection represents a type of tangible artifactual object from the present day print media culture. The idea for the collection began by acknowledging that the form of the coupon is in an alternating state between tangible (print media form) or intangible (stored digitally in an electronic device). Print media coupons are at a transitional point of use with online coupon codes and smartphones giving the ability to scan quick response (QR) codes for savings without handling paper coupons. The Coupon Collection demonstrates how the coupon is an artifact of the transitional process of print media culture and the social interactions of exchange between person and mass consumption.
            The significance of the coupon collection is to analyze the printed objects from the present day social interaction between mass consumption and the print media culture. The methods I am employing for the Coupon Collection are archaeological archiving and management of a collection. These methods define the collection using criteria from present day public print media resources instead of a museum institution’s collection and the fine art methods of visual representation of printed images. The expiration date contributes to the limited time frame of social and cultural circulation in the trade process, which presents a group of artifactual coupons and my organization process by the month of expiration.
            The process of collecting, archiving, and managing the Coupon Collection is a continual act. The current and evolving economic and social practices will persuade a participant to make a decision for the individual use and object form (tangible or intangible) of the coupon. These future print media transitions will determine the accumulation and longevity of my Coupon Collection.


(Left Top) Bottom Shelf displaying November 2011 Expiration Group of the Coupon Collection (Left Middle) Third Shelf presenting archiving/ managment practices of the collection (Left Bottom) Top left side of display case with display board presenting a segment of the February 2011 Expiration Group of the Coupon Collection (Far Right) Coupon Collection presented in the Newark Free Library display case.