The significance of these collections is to present the social interactions between people and objects. The concept of the social interaction between people and objects is to present the functionality of the interaction instead of putting the main focus on the object alone. Artist, Carrie Ida Edinger borrows from material culture methodologies to contribute to the formation of the collections. The context of the collection is defined by social and culturally based research as well as experiential research of the interactions. Each of the collections contributes to how fundamental the interaction between a person and an object is to consistent consumption in the material world.

Carrie's interdisciplinary practice was concerned with obtaining a broader knowledge of Western culture objects. She regarded various American everyday objects beyond a fixed idea of how they are exhibited in traditional museum collections. Cross-discipline methods contribute to the visual documentation in a form of media such as video clips or print media objects. The collection project has themes that organize the concepts of the social interactions between people and objects. The investigation and implementation of interdisciplinary methods were used to maintain and archive this ephemeral collection.

The website has been maintained from the fall of 2011 through 2015. The website is not designed to automatically format to mobile devices. The video portion of the collection was saved as file and is currently readable with QuickTime Player. Carrie chose to present this specific resolution for a publicly accessible platform for viewing of the videos and allow quicker download time. In addition, social and cultural aspects of the current Internet era were considered with the transitional phases of web brosers and the inconsistent availability of bandwidth frequencies to lower social economic backgrounds. Several social media options were available on this page to choose from when the collections were actively updated with recent additions.

Through the evolution of this collection project the website has been carefully considered beyond basic marketing and design elements for the concept of a virtual desitnation. Template web pages from the sample starter pages have been modified from Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Version 9.0. The template pages were chosen, because of the manageability of monthly additions uploaded to the collection site webpages. While Carrie has a moderate knowledge of the technical skills that are relevant to create a website she wanted her focus on the development of accessibility and the attributes with her research of interdisciplinary practice.

This website was not intended to be the permanent exhibition space of this collection project. These ephemeral objects (print media coupons, video clips, digital images) are archived separately from this website. This is for future opportunities to 'restage' the collection in a different manner and/ or for research. Please contact Carrie via email edingercarrie10[at]gmail[dot]com with details of the project or research.